Funded Projects

The Friends have been an active partner since the opening of Lakeshore State Park in 2007. The following are a few examples of items you may see as you walk the park that were funded fully or in part by the Friends:

  • Park Benches: funded through donations and grants
  • Informational Kiosks at North and South Entrances: funded through donations and a Wisconsin Coastal Management Program (WCMP) grant
  • Educational Signage: permanent interpretive displays about the Great Lakes, Lake Michigan fish, and history of the site, funded through donations and a WCMP grant
  • Property Orientation Signs: to be installed in 2020 in the existing entrance¬† kiosks
  • Fishing Kiosk: to be installed in 2020 at the harbor entrance, focused on angler information
  • Fish Habitat Hotels: funded by the Friends and provided by Harbor District, these will aim to improve nesting and feeding habitat along sheet pile shores. Due to high water levels in 2019, the installation has been moved to 2020.
  • Environmental Education Program Staff and Supplies: the Friends contribute annually to provide additional naturalist hours and materials for education programs.
  • Fishing Poles: by a grant secured from the Future Anglers Foundation