Protecting Pollinators

Scouts Service Project: Protecting Pollinators and Pollinator Gardens Pollinators are a very important part of the forest ecosystem and need our help! Learn about pollinator species, native plants, and the […]

Make and Toss Seed Bombs

Drop-In Event Native wildflowers and grasses benefit our community in many ways! Come learn how native plants help people and the environment. Then collect seeds from prairie plants to make […]

Numbers in Nature: The Fibonacci Sequence in Flowers

Have you ever noticed how many plants have spirals? Come learn the secrets of nature’s beautiful “golden spirals.” Observe them in Lakeshore State Park’s plants, count seeds and leaves in […]

Hispanic Heritage Month Hike (Bilingual)

LSP North Entrance 500 N Harbor Dr, Milwaukee, WI

Celebrate the first day of Hispanic Heritage Month with a hike through Lakeshore State Park. While observing our late-blooming flowers and migratory birds, we’ll also talk about the history of […]

Dragonfly Hike

LSP North Entrance 500 N Harbor Dr, Milwaukee, WI

Did you know dragonflies migrate? Meet our naturalist to walk to the beach bonfire while watching for dragonflies. Meet at the North Entrance, just in front of Discovery World.