World Water Day Walk in the Park

March 22, 1:00pm – 2:00pm

Today is World Water Day. Did you know the Great Lakes hold 22% of the entire world’s fresh water? Come enjoy a team-led hike with MMSD to learn about our amazing water source and learn about Lake Michigan on an easy .7 mile walk on paved paths around Lakeshore State Park. We’ll talk about wildlife and learn about ways we can save water and protect Lake Michigan at home. All ages and abilities welcome!

Meet at the North Entrance, just South of Discovery World

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Lakeshore State Park offers educational programs for teachers, community organizations, private events and the general public. The programs emphasize sustainability and stewardship of our natural and freshwater resources. These experiences are geared toward learners of all ages, and include walks, tours, lectures, hands-on outdoor activities and laboratory exercises.

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Volunteering at the Park is a great way to make new friends, have fun and learn more about the Park and Lake Michigan. Opportunities include Park Ambassador, Volunteer Naturalist, Citizen Scientist, Lakeshore Caretakers, & Special Events.

The beauty of Lakeshore State Park never stops amazing me. The impeccably maintained bike path connects to the Hank Aaron trail to the south and Oak Leaf trail to the north and makes riding a breeze!

Luke (Bicyclist)

I love coming out on the ice in the early mornings. Great fishing year round! Really a hidden gem as far as I’m concerned. I’m hooking brown trout, smallmouth bass, and steelhead regularly…

Drew (Fisherman)