Park Update

November brings colder temperatures and changes for Lakeshore Park. Just a few short weeks ago we saw Prairie Clover and Astor in full bloom, but now the prairie plants have already begun dropping seeds. Plants will undergo what is called cold stratification, a process of that allows natives to survive cold Wisconsin Winters. Though you may not see bright colors, the beauty if Lakeshore is ever present. Morning dew and frost show a different side of the park, so take a walk and take in the changes.

Final approval and funding have been reached for the marina decking project, as well as approval for the supplemental funding needed for the fishing pier repairs. You are likely to see much work being done in the park this November. Look forward to seeing these improvements up close in the spring!

November Events:
Friday, November 11th: 3 pm to 4 pm Veteran’s Day Hike
Sunday, November 13th: 11am to 12pm “Rock your Mocs” Hike
Friday, November 25th: #OptOutside Hike (time TBA)

For questions about upcoming events, please contact the Park Manager: Elaine Zautke (Lakeshore Park Manager) / 414-274-4281

(Great Blue Heronphoto by Elaine Zautke)