Greetings From Friends

Summer is approaching, the birds of Lakeshore are becoming active, and many Canada Geese and their goslings can be seen in the park. Beware! These babies are cute, but parenting birds can be aggressive, chasing and hissing at anyone who gets too close.

We replaced the storm-damaged Purple Martin Pole this spring. Two pairs of Purple Martins were recently seen at the bird “condo” located in the northeast corner of the park, near the marina. Tree Swallows have been showing interest in that housing too. 

Stop by and see if you can spot the Purple Martins which are noticeably larger than their swallow cousins. Both have a dark back and wings, but the tree swallows will have a bright white underside

The prairies have been slow to bloom but will grow quickly in a few short weeks. In the Demo Prairies at the north end of the park, we’ll soon see Penstemon blooming large, white flowers, as well as Blue False Indigo. The bluish-purple flowers of this native only last a few short weeks so check them out while they last!

More prairie improvements are on the way! We’ll be hosting public planting days on June 8th-9th and June 13th-17th. If you want to help out, please let us know by completing a volunteer interest form.                   

June Events

  • Friday, June 2nd: Rainbow Hike 2:30PM-3:30PM
  • Sunday, June 4th: Free Fishing Clinic 1:00PM-3:00PM
  • Friday, June 9th: Bike Week Commuter Station 7:00AM-10:00AM
  • Saturday, June 10th: Prairie Plant Hike  10:00AM-11:00AM
  • Thursday, June 15th: Kayak Rentals & Kite Demo 4:00PM-8:00PM
  • Friday, June 16th: Bird Hike  6:00PM-7:00PM
  • Sunday, June 18th: Father’s Day Fishing Clinic  1:00PM-3:00PM
  • Tuesday, June 20th: Tales for Tot’s  3:00PM-4:00PM
  • Wednesday, June 21st: Crafts&Games with an Educator  6:00PM-7:00PM
  • Wednesday, June 21st: Beach Bonfire  7:00PM-8:30PM
  • Thursday, June 22nd: Invasive Species Hike  2:00PM-3:00PM
  • Friday, June 23rd: Urban Critter: RACOON  1:00PM-3:00PM
  • Saturday, June 24th: Summer Scavenger Hunt/Geocache  10AM-2:00PM
  • Sunday, June 25th: Pollinator Hike 1:00PM-2:00PM

Event details are available here: FLSP Events Page