Volunteer Spotlight

The Friends of Lakeshore State Park is an all-volunteer organization, with one part-time administrative assistant; we are a small yet strong team! Volunteers are key to our success, and we are excited to recognize our 2023 Volunteer of the Year, Allison Driskill. Allison helps tremendously through her management of our social media, help with the newsletter and planning and participating in park events. Thank you Allison!

Learn more about Allison as we discuss her experience volunteering with FLSP.

What is your favorite season to visit the park?

Spring, when the Baptisia alba is blooming!

Why did you start volunteering with Friends of Lakeshore State Park?

I used to take my dog, Jackson, on walks around the park which he and I really enjoyed. When he died, I decided to see if the park needed volunteers to honor his memory and give back to a place that brought us joy when he was alive. I get to make a big impact with this park in particular due to the small nature of the volunteer group and how publicly accessible this park is to both visitors and city-dwellers alike!

What is your favorite thing to do in the park?

I really like walking around and seeing all the different native plants that I can identify. Seeing the succession of species blooming throughout the season is always amazing!

What is your favorite plant or animal that is in the park?

Obviously I really like the showy Baptisia alba (Wild White Indigo), but I also love running my fingers through Panicum virgatum (Switchgrass).

Why are accessible spaces in nature important to you?

When I first started coming to the park, I didn’t have a car so this was the first state park I had visited in Wisconsin. I know that I can take anyone to the park, no matter their athletic ability or the vehicle access. The paved paths allow anyone to view a slice of nature.

Why are public parks important to you?

Patches of greenery in public spaces are not only important slivers of habitat for native animals who have been displaced by human populations, but it is also a benefit for us as well. Going out in nature is calming and good for people. Access to nature should be a right available to anyone, even if they live in the city.

Do you want to volunteer with the Friends?

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