Event & Photography Information

Throughout the year several special events such as marathons, bike competitions and endurance races take place at Wisconsin state park properties. On DNR lands, special events are defined as a temporary use of department property for an activity that is otherwise not specifically allowed or which involves one or more of the following:

  • Exclusive use or closure of all or part of a property;
  • Restricts or limits use of a property by non-participants;
  • Placement of temporary structures or event apparatus;
  • Sale or offering of beverages, food or merchandise;
  • Non-routine services from a department employee;
  • Takes place during hours beyond normal property open hours;
  • Equipment or facilities not otherwise authorized for the proposed public use;
  • Event participation fees.

Special events require a permit. In specific circumstances, the permit requirement may be waived by the property manager. The permit will describe the terms and conditions under which the event will be allowed.

If you are interested in hosting an event at Lakeshore State Park, please give our property manager a call at 414-274-4281. The Park is a popular site for runs and races during summer months. Scheduling with the property manager is recommended a minimum of 2 months prior to the event date.

Lakeshore State Park has become one of the most photographed backdrops in Milwaukee!

Scenes from the Park have been used in television shows, publications and phone apps. It also serves as a popular site for wedding, engagement and graduation photos.

Professional photographers*  who are hired for a fee and are taking the pictures at the Park do have to get a Commercial License from the Park before the shoot.  The fee for the License is $50, and the permit is good for a year from issuance.  We also ask that both professional and amateur photographers stay on the trails or mowed grass, and do not enter the prairies.  For more information, to obtain a permit and to ensure your planned photo shoot does not conflict with a major special event, please contact our Park manager at 414-274-4281.

*Professional photography does not include ones for personal use (such as vacation photos or ‘selfies’) in which no monetary profit is obtained.